The Child Development Center provides care for children in their infancy through 5 years (or Kindergarten age). 


The School Age Center provides a variety of programs for students Kindergarten through 6th Grade.


Registered students in 7th-12th grade can come and go at the Teen Center. 

Find out more about youth sports for children from 3 years to 6th grade.


Meet Our Staff

School Liaison Officer

Facilitating the delivery of quality educational opportunities and experiences for all children on the garrison, Dr. Stephanie McCutcheon operates as an advisor to the garrison command on matters relating to schools and youth education issues. She is the point of contact for parents and families in need of information regarding access to CYS programming and K-12 schools, as well as support for transitioning students. Her role also includes facilitating relationships among education professionals, garrison families, and the extended community. 
Dr. Stephanie McCutcheon
Child and Youth Services
Curriculum Specialist & Training Director
School Liaison Officer
LOGCAP IV, DynCorp International
U.S. Army Garrison - Kwajalein Atoll
Office: (805) 355-3606
     Hours: 0800-1730



Child & Youth Services Philosophy

USAG-KA Child & Youth Services department is an essential family program that aims to reduce the conflict between parental responsibilities and mission requirements here on our garrison.
CYS promotes a seamless delivery system to provide programming for youth from 6 weeks through 18 years.
CYS programs are designed to allow children to move smoothly between programs that are developmentally appropriate and based on the needs of the individual child.
CYS seeks to support children, parents, and our community here on Kwajalein.


We can't wait to meet you! If you have questions, please contact us via phone or email and we will be happy to assist you.