School Advisory Council

Kwajalein Schools operates under a School Advisory Council (SAC). 
School Advisory Council meets the third Wednesday of every month between September and May.
Meetings are open to the public and are held in the Coconut Room at George Seitz Elementary School
The agenda, along with any pertinent documentation, is available through PlusPortals.

2016-2017 Committee members are:

U.S.Army Garrison – Kwajalein Atoll (USAG – KA)
Holly Botes
P.O. Box 984
Work phone: 5-1431
Brad Reed
P.O. Box 22                 
Work phone: 5-4417
Security and Access Control Contractor (SACC)
Mike Ellison                                   
P.O. Box 1081                                      
Work phone:  5-4447
Massachusetts Institute of Technology/Lincoln Lab (MIT/LL)
Stacey O’Rourke              
P.O. Box 365                                        
Work phone: 5-2670
Julie Jones                                        
P.O. Box 1077                                     
Work phone:  5-9789
Alexie McElhoe                         
P.O. Box 637                                        
Work phone: 5-1356
Jim Bishop                              
P.O. Box 323                                       
Work phone: 5-1138
Parent Teachers Organization (PTO)
Veronica Moos                
P.O. Box 31                        
Work phone: 5-1138
ST NATIONS Representative
Mary Milne                             
P.O. Box 506                                     
Work phone:  5-3532 
Tarah Yurovchak
P.O. Box xxx                                        
Work phone: 5-2011
CYSS Representative                                    

Work phone:

School Faculty Representative             
Kyle Miller
Work phone: 5-2011                                          
USAG-KA Education Service Specialist      
Julia Sektnan                                      
P.O. Box 591
Work phone: 5-3338